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They Will Grow | Tucson Family Photographer

Sometimes there’s bickering among me and my future self. I mean, I catch myself saying, “As soon as they’re __ age, this will be easier, better, harder, etc.” and then I swiftly jolt myself back to reality and force myself to think about the present. It’s not easy to do, you see  the grass is, in fact greener… When they’re 16, they will have some degree of independence that they do not have now AND they will be able to speak with us rationally. (at least sometimes) I really can’t wait for that to be so. Buuuuut, I know how important NOW is and this particular session was eye-opening for me. (so thankful to learn so much from each session) What struck me most is that I will eventually have grown-up children of my own and I hope I can honestly say, “I enjoyed raising them, and more importantly THEY say, “I enjoy my family!” At the moment, I have so much control over how much time gets spent as a family and I take it for granted sometimes. It was great watching this family take a moment away from their busy lives to “just be”. They hadn’t been together like that in a long time, and it felt rewarding to have played a key role in organizing this time together.

My favorite thing about this family = they have a GREAT sense of humor. Refreshing. So, so refreshing.

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