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Seattle to a Tucsonan | Tucson & Phoenix Photographer

I know I haven’t exactly filled you all in on my Seattle journey I took a few weeks ago… I bet you’re dying to know more right? Ha! Funny thing is, I don’t know what to write about first, and the thought of writing about the entire 5 days seems daunting to say the least. Instead, like I usually do, I’ll show you just a few images that are representative of the fun I had, not to mention the peace I felt there.

But in all fairness, I’ll also bullet the highlights;

– Dinner at Alki watching the ocean and conversation with some of my favorite peeps.

-A lovely host and hostess with a very comfortable couch.

-Pike Place Market

-Coffee and Crumpets



-Meeting the amazing and quite humble, Barb Uil. (I loved that about her – so open, honest, and vulnerable)

– Talking shop with other photographers

– Crazy-good food the ENTIRE time. Wow! Tucson, what the heck?

-Hot air balloons

-The Blue Angels

-Heat wave – uuuuummm… there’s a reason I picked to go to Seattle in August, Mr. Weather Man!

Now for some pics of our day in the city…

This is a total sidenote, but I found this singer/songwriter today on a photography blog and can’t stop listening. Man, I wish I could sing or play an instrument for that matter. Check her out!

Meghan Arias

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