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How will photography impact your birth experience?

As a mother of two, I’ve been in your shoes and have felt first-hand the excitement, anticipation, worry and joy that a pending birth can bring. You’ve probably spent countless hours reading about birth, writing your birth plan and picking out names. It is one of the most life-altering events your family will ever experience.

Birth stories are shared, remembered and recounted more easily when they are accompanied by vivid imagery. Furthermore, mothers may feel more honored and empowered when their sacred stories are told time and again.

I am privileged each time I document and share a birth with a family I would be absolutely honored to document yours.

“Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life.”  Ina May Gaskin
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A Birth Center Birth Story There are so many reasons why this birth center birth was special. But let’s begin with the superficial, selfish one – it happened on my birthday. I had guessed this would happen from the beginning. She went past her estimated due date, as did I and so I like to […]

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This is my birth giveaway recipient’s story. She miraculously gave birth just 45 minutes after arriving at the hospital, answered medical questions while in transition and delivered one of the most beautiful newborns I have EVER seen. I feel like each baby I meet at a birth has a special little spot in my heart. I […]

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I never imagined how fast a labor could go until the day I photographed this birth. Total labor time was 2 hours and 40 minutes. Crazy, right?! I pulled in to the birth center about 20 minutes before the birth, but nobody heard me ringing the doorbell. Luckily, the nurse hurried out to see if […]

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She was nearly two weeks overdue, and I knew her previous labor had gone VERY quickly, so I wondered if I’d actually make it to the birth. I imagined myself being with the kids somewhere, getting the call, and having to arrange childcare at rapid speed, get the kids home, and then make the 35 […]

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