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Newborn Sessions

Editorial Newborn Stories

This is the most fleeting stage in yours and your child’s life. Before you know it, your baby will be smiling, laughing, rolling over, blowing bubbles and waving. It’s also one of the most special times for your family. Like any other life-changing event (birth, weddings, etc), it should be photographed and archived.

For this short time, there are visitors coming and going, stacks of diapers, pacifiers, swaddle blankets, gift baskets, cards,  and ultra sound pictures on the fridge- so much to document. It won’t be long before you settle into a routine and forget so much of the first days and hours of your baby’s life.

It’s funny the things you’ll want to remember too. For me, it was how I looked and felt while holding, feeding, bathing, dressing, and swaddling my baby – what I look like parenting and what my love for them looks like from the outside-in. I not only wanted to see this in me, I wanted to see our entire family transitioning and welcoming our new addition to the family. You know, the not-always-gentle  hugs from big brother, the train tracks weaving in and out of their shared bedroom, and the way my husband brought me water while nursing our baby.  I want you to have that – an honest and artistic story of your first days at home.


The Experience

Once we’ve secured your date with the deposit payment, I’ll e-mail you my product/pricing guide, contract, and a questionnaire about your family and expectations for your session. I love getting to know a little about your family beforehand so I’m able to incorporate some of your favorite activities, toys and locations into your session. Before our session, we will discuss things we will do during the shoot and I follow along as a fly on the wall for the most part.

Sessions typically begin in your home and last about 1.5- 2 hours. (a location can also be chosen). I like to tour your house and pick out rooms with good lighting and direct you to those spots when needed. I’m likely to chat with the older siblings first and get to know the them first to develop a trusting relationship. It’s pretty normal that they want to show me their rooms, toys, and tell me about themselves. This is when I begin shooting. We generally spend about 3/4ths of the session inside, and the rest at a nearby park, backyard or any other outdoor space you love and is relatively close to your home.

After Your Session

Life is crazy, so let’s keep it simple.

After your session, I cull and artistically process each photo. When they’re finished (up to one week), we’ll schedule your ordering session. This is when you’ll  view your gallery and place your order.

I keep your gallery active for two weeks, which gives you ample time to share the gallery , download your images, and place your print/product order.  Easy, right?

I send  your order to the lab immediately and it typically arrives within two weeks. (can depend on the products)