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More Than a Trip to the Park {Tucson Child Photographer}

I love them. Every single day of my life I’ll love them- my kids. Sometimes I wonder if I’m giving them enough- especially my time. I know the days are fleeting, and oh how cliche’, but I truly don’t know where the time has gone.

What’s becoming even more clear to me as each day passes, is that time is really all we have. Our lives are so very short-too short. I don’t always enjoy being a parent, I’ll admit. There are so many choices to make and I get overwhelmed.

I am easily overwhelmed. In fact, I can’t even make simple decisions anymore because there are simply too many choices, like which toothpaste to buy. Seriously!  I wonder, “Is this safe, economical, efficient, fun, effective? My head starts spinning just from buying toothpaste!

So, once in a great while, I have an epiphany! It. Does. Not.  Matter. I will never make ALL the right decisions, but one thing I CAN control is how I spend my time. And really, do I want people to remember me by my decision-making skills or what type of toys I bought for my children- not so much. I want my family and friends to have fun memories with me. My hope too, is that my photos will always be there to remind all of us of the fun we had together.

These images from the park will always remind me of my son’s silly giggle and his shy demeanor around strangers. They will take me back to a time when my sweet girl followed her brother around everywhere and mimicked his every move because she simply adores him. They will also remind me of Annabelle’s first ‘drink’ from a water fountain, Chris searching in the car for 20 minutes for a bag to pick up our dog’s poo with, and my kids thinking it’s hysterically funny to bump into me at the bottom of the slide.

Parenthood is challenging,  but mostly marvelous!

Enjoy your families this weekend. We (Chris) will be building a sandbox!


PS- These were all taken on the same day, so you can imagine why it’s been sooo hard to keep up with my 365 project. I have way too many choices… and yet again, I can’t decide! Hahaha! 😉


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