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Mini-Session is Right! {Tucson Baby Photographer}

This was my first mini-session in November. We began at the crack of dawn, not even joking, and it was wicked cold. The session from start to finish was a mere 15 minutes since we were so concerned about this sweet lil’ dumpling being out in the cold for too long.

To my surprise, this baby girl was INSANELY happy despite the frigid temps. I have never had a baby at her age smile soooo much. She literally looked at me and smiled  the entire time.

So, although early morning sessions can seem daunting and totally unappealing to adults, they are GREAT for babies. My advice- grab a Venti and schedule an early session, although I would consider waiting till April or May if you want your limbs to have feeling. 😉

Oh my goodness! Just look at her smile!

Happy Saturday, Everyone!



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