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“Working with Jenna is like having a constructive conversation with a good friend. I asked Jenna for a custom mentoring session because I needed help in several areas. I asked for help making and understanding decisions in selecting the right photo from a series of similar ones and some basic editing. We were able to cull my entire collection of best images to a very small percentage for a stunning gallery for my website, focusing on understanding images that would appeal to customers. We came up with a simpler approach to sharing my non-gallery (but good) images quickly and meaningfully with my audience for higher impact. We culled a mini-session, making decisions on composition and talking about how to improve. And we ended in editing a few of my most challenging images and seeing her edit one of hers that was similar to mine. I even learned a beautiful preset I’ll use! We did all this in 2 1/2 hours. That last piece of editing alone made it worth the price, but the value of having more confidence and learning a few things to help me nail composition quickly will give me back the gift of time focusing on being present with our kids while we’re out making memories. Oh and one more thing – if you’re nervous about having someone this amazing critique your best work (I was) – don’t be. She is direct and respectful at the same time. Self-judgment never once comes into play. You’re too busy learning.”

Emily Mitchell – Everyday Films

photography mentoring

Basic Portfolio Review  – $75 

Do you need to create a gallery for your website or decide on a group of images for a photography competition? Let me help! Culling is one of my favourite things to do! Let me help you create a seamless storyline or series.

Or do you want to improve your shooting and prefer feedback about images you’ve already culled?  I love giving detailed feedback about lighting, focus, processing, etc! Choose 10 images and I’ll do the rest! I’ll happily answer any questions you have about your critique afterward and you can always contact me after your review for follow-up questions and support.

This is a useful step in your journey as a photographer because no matter your skill level , an outside perspective may help you discover something in your work that is instrumental to your growth and/or help cultivate your strengths and artistic vision.

Online Mentoring – 90 minutes $199

Are you hoping to learn manual or wanting to master your new DSLR? Or, are you serious about beginning a photography business, but want to hone your skills and workflow before diving in? These online or in-person mentoring options are just for you! via Skype, Google Chat, or phone (your choice)

Online mentoring is completely adaptable to your needs. Some suggested topics include, but are not limited to;

  • processing
  • culling
  • lighting
  • shooting in manual
  • creativity
  • portfolio review, etc.

In- person Mentoring – 4 hours $599

Looking for something more in-depth? Do you want to see how I shoot and ask questions afterward? Are you interested in seeing my workflow and how I work with clients? Do you want to ask questions and get feedback about your own work? In-person mentoring sounds like the best fit for you!we collaborate on a time and date and I will set up a mock-session for you to accompany me on. (please note, this mentoring package is only available to non-Tucson residents)

Again, mentoring sessions are designed to help you, so we can customise it to fit your needs. Some suggested topics for this package include;

  • shooting with me
  • portfolio review
  • open discussion about any photography-related topic(although I’m always happy to talk about my kids and dog. 🙂 )

Tell Your Camera Who’s Boss Group Classes – 3 hours $175

click below to find all the details and find me on Facebook for upcoming class dates

photography classes in tucson

Tell Your Camera Who’s Boss | A Camera Class

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