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Lovin’ the Wagon!

When I was two, my parents had photos taken of me in a portrait studio with overalls on and a little red wagon. It’s absurdly cute, no joke! And guess what, little red wagons are STILL cute! This wagon is old, rusty, and beat up (hit by the car a few times, whoops), but that makes it even MORE awesome. It was also found in my Aunt Darlene’s backyard after she passed away, so it’s special.

This little guy was actually very tired during our session, but luckily he couldn’t hold back a grin when I started singing, “If You’re Happy and You Know It!” He was downright happy! So cute.

A big thank you to Mom and Dad for humoring me when I asked you to do what seemed impossible with him at times. I think our hard work paid off in the end. 😉

My Best,


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