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Lifestyle – an in-home session in Arizona

This was a home. You could tell by the kid-art hanging on nearly every wall. The untidy beds that were covered in cozy stuffed animals and comfortable bedding perfect for snuggling up to. The kitchen had clearly been cooked in and children’s books were still lying on the sofa after having been read. It was a home and it was beautiful.

I loved this session for all of that. But then there were the people inside… they were so normal and real and undisturbed by my presence. They sincerely went about their lives without paying mind to my being there. I got to photograph a family in a way that feels most comfortable to me, without prompting or prodding and in the comfort of their own home.

I felt alive after having been so stagnant here in Germany for so long. It’s been a struggle to start an old business in a new country. I can’t wait to photograph families as often as I’m used to and I am hopeful it will come again. This was such a great thing for my soul, though. I shot from the heart. I tried giving this family connection, joy, and familiarity. Because in the end, you just want to remember what it was like to chase a baby and play Hungry-Hungry-Hippo all day every day.

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