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iPhoneography – summer 2017

My sister and I both shared the dream of living next door to one another and raising our kids side-by-side. As most of you know, me living in Germany and her living in Virginia hasn’t really facilitated that dream unfortunately, however as much as we can afford to, we try our best to have the cousins spend as many days together as possible. This summer, we were lucky enough to have 28 days together!

I normally film my family with my DSLR, but this summer I didn’t have the desire to lug my heavy camera around for 4 weeks. Rather than not taking any video at all, I decided to use my iPhone instead. Of course, it’s sad for me to lose the quality and control that comes with using the DSLR, but I am so incredibly grateful to have this video regardless.

I really hope it reflects the absolute love and affection I have for my family. This summer was exactly what I had envisioned. It was full of laughter, games, adventures, nature, yoga, quiet, sleep, food, animals, sun, travel, books, love, and G + T’s.

I hope you enjoy watching it! I had such a great time creating it!


SUMMER_2017_JENNAREICH from Jenna reich on Vimeo.

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