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Hannah, The Beautiful! {Tucson Family Photographer}

Not to get all emotional on you, but while editing this image of my baby sister and my daughter, I felt such gratitude- and I’ll tell you why.

Hannah is eleven years younger than me and 14 years younger than my older sister. When I think about how hard that must be- to constantly feel like an only child, but not be- I realize how much I want to make her feel included in my life. I want her to know how much it means to me, that she’ll go to the movies with me, hang out with my kids, and camp out like a true “Polm”.

Although she’s quite young in my eyes, I think she does an amazing job of keeping her priorities in check and making time for family, even when she really has none to spare.  I’m so proud of her! I’m lucky she’ll still  hang out with an old, not-so-hip sister, such as myself! (and even bring her friends-yes you, Claire!)

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