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Frankfurt Area PhotographerDocumentary Photography

I like to think of myself as a family historian. I believe family traditions are sacred and stories should be told over and over again in order to preserve history.  We all have an important story to tell.

My favorite way to document stories is through images.

You may have gathered by now, from looking at my work, that my photographic vision is raw, emotive, authentic, and real. Documentary sessions are not staged for photographic moments, rather the photographic moments occur naturally and I do my best to document them in the most compelling way.

I believe we all have a purpose on Earth and mine is to observe humans and create images that accurately represent their lives. It’s so cliche’, but time is fleeting and our lives change so quickly. It’s important to me that we document our everyday in an honest way, beyond the posed family portrait.

Booking a Session

Documentary photography takes more time than a traditional session, which is why the shortest session I offer is 2 hours. After the first two hours, it’s completely up to you to determine how long you want me to stay. Please contact me below for more information about the experience you’ll get by choosing a documentary session with me.