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Book Project Update

After a long deliberation over the book project I began back in January, it pains me to say that I’m not completing it.  I knew this project would take dedication, hard work, perseverance and time, however I didn’t expect how much I’d have to rely on participation. I’ve had a difficult time over the past 5 months getting the last few sessions scheduled to wrap up the project, and still… nothing. It’s consumed so much of my time (e-mails, voice-mails, texting, phone calls, driving, editing, galleries, etc.) so not completing it, saddens me greatly.

I realize schedules are full and our time is so precious, which is exactly why I’m so apologetic to those of you who volunteered for this project and spent so much of your time coordinating schedules to get in a session. I hope that the images you received will be forever treasured and loved and that they weren’t taken in vain. You might be disappointed though, not to see the finished product, as am I.

Something I’ve learned from this experience is that, for me, a personal project will have to stay… well, personal. Images of my family/friends is the path I will take from here forward. I dare not disappoint again. I already feel like I’ve let so many down and wouldn’t dream of doing it twice. Perhaps there will be closure someday or similar projects, but for now I’m moving on.

My sincerest apologies for letting anyone down and a huge thank you to all of you who participated. You’ve been key in my growth over the past year and for that, I can’t thank you enough.

With Love & Regret,


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