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Birth Details

Birth photography is such an important element to add to your birth experience. As a mother of two, I’ve been in your shoes and have felt first-hand the excitement, anticipation, worry and joy that a pending birth can bring. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent countless hours reading about birth, writing your birth plan and picking out names. But, how will you remember it all once your precious bundle (or bundles) are here? Are you going to have a beautiful visual documentation of your most life-altering day?

For me, giving birth was more than a physical accomplishment. Of course, I still am in awe of how a woman’s body is so equipped for it but I wasn’t prepared for the wonderful emotional implications it had on my mental well-being. When women get support, encouragement and feel honored during and after their birth experiences, it can be one of the most empowering and rewarding experiences they’ll undergo in their lives. These stories should be shared, remembered and recounted with their children. One of the best things you can do is to hire a professional to keep those memories intact and beautifully told.

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The Birth Experience

I spend a considerable amount of time with my birth clients. We discuss birth plans, expectations, desires, and address all of your questions and concerns before the  birth. If it’s a home birth, I meet your midwife and other attending parties at one of your prenatal visits. I like to have a trusting relationship with everyone who will be attending the birth. In Tucson, AZ I built a strong relationship with the Birth and Women’s Health Center after being a patient there for nearly 10 years, delivering there myself, and photographing births there. In fact, you can see some of my work in their new promotional video! I take a limited number of birth and portrait clients each month to ensure I have ample time to spend on your images and at your birth.

I like to stay about an hour or two after delivery and photograph the baby eating, snuggling, being weighed, meeting family, etc.

Peace of Mind

I am committed to you and take every precaution possible to make it to your birth and provide you with the highest quality  images possible. I have invested in quality gear that allows me to shoot in low-light conditions and small spaces. My experience as a birth photographer has given me the knowledge and insight to be as useful or as inconspicuous as desired by you and your the birth professionals. I always have back-up gear with me and I never use flash.

I stay “on-call” 24/7 starting two weeks before your due date and continuing until the baby is born. I urge clients to keep me as informed about their progress as they do the midwife or doctor. This helps me to stay close by when necessary, so I can get to you quickly if needed.

I offer my clients numerous phone numbers to reach me just to be sure I don’t miss your call. I like to show up at the same time as the midwife, or if you’re delivering at the birth center or hospital, I leave at approximately the same time as you.

After The Birth

You’ll  be quite busy enjoying your family time and introducing your baby/ies to friends and family, so won’t it be nice to download your images straight from your computer? Any time? Yay! You can!

After your session, I cull and artistically process each photo. When they’re finished (up to two weeks), I’ll send you a link to your gallery which you can share and create favourites folders. This makes it easy to order prints, books and storyboards.

I keep your gallery active for 6 months, which gives you ample time to share the gallery , download your images, and place your print/product order.

I send  your order to the lab immediately and it typically arrives within two weeks. (can depend on the products)

I like to share birth photography with my followers and potential birth clients too, and will blog tasteful images of your birth. I will happily add your written birth story to the post if you’d like to.  However, if you’d like to keep your experience private, I completely respect that too.