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A New Beginning

click here to view A New Beginning  – a multimedia project

A photo essay depicting refugee women and their children beginning their new lives feeling loved, respected, supported and empowered.

Jenna is a storyteller. She enjoys capturing the love and lives of women and their families. Her specialty lies within birth, newborn and family photography and the empowerment of women was a natural progression for her art.

Sarah has volunteered with refugees for many years. Her joy comes from spending time with this diverse population and getting to know each of their stories. She sees this opportunity to interview refugees in their homes as a gift.

Jenna and Sarah together with the generous participation of many strong and beautiful refugee women hope to enrich a community and perhaps a world by telling stories of struggle, triumph, and empowerment. It is important to raise women up to make them aware of their power and worth. The project goal is to give them a voice and a platform to deliver their message to other refugee women and the world. Additionally, we hope these stories reach women who are still waiting for resettlement and offer them hope. We hope to raise $1500 for this project. Funds will go toward professional interpreter fees to ensure that every voice is accurately heard. In addition to digital files it is our wish to present every family with a box of printed images accompanied by one framed print for their wall. At the culmination of the project, we wish to honor the participants, families and the International Rescue Committee staff by organizing a public event. The project will be presented in its entirety there. We are also hoping to cover the costs associated with travel, recording and printing for public viewing. If anything is left over after project costs, we will donate the money to the International Rescue Committee or to the refugee participants directly.  If our goal isn’t met, we plan to use whatever funds are raised toward the costs mentioned above with interpreter fees and photo gifts to the families taking priority.


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