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365 project overload

I began the year with every intention of shooting a daily image of my life and sharing it on my business page, but I had to quit and I’ll tell you why.

Taking an image every day was becoming a burden. Not only the picture-taking, but also the time it consumed from my day just to post it on FB. It was becoming a stretch to get an authentic image each day and one I was proud to share- It wasn’t always my best work. To be honest,  sometimes (a lot of the time) I just didn’t want to tap into my creativity and you all know it isn’t my style to force an image, location, emotion, etc.  And my children weren’t into it ALL the time, either. I was getting a lot of false smiles and blank stares.  And it was a joy-killer.

It’s funny how photography projects can really help you evolve and learn about yourself, though. I mean, two years ago I did a 365 project and it REALLY helped me improve my skills so quickly and dramatically that even I was recommending one to every photographer who asked about it.

However, my goals in photography have changed since then and I learned that I don’t like summing up a day or activity with one image. It’s exhausting to me. It doesn’t feel right. I’m better at telling stories. I know it’s possible to tell a story with one image, and I think I do sometimes, but that doesn’t make my heart feel any lighter when I have the greatest sequence of pool-jumping or popsicle-licking to share and I can’t. Of course, I’m not saying I don’t LOVE a great portrait or I hate sharing just one image, I absolutely do. But constantly producing just a single image became boring and painful. I just want to capture life when it inspires me. I don’t like rules or guidelines. I like it when I can rhythmically move through a session (even a 5 minute one).  A good session for me feels like floating on the surface of a slightly bumpy sea. It’s calm. It’s therapeutic.

So, I’m not going to beat myself up about this. I’m not even going to feel an ounce of guilt. I’m going to share images with all of you when the mood strikes me, when I feel inspired, when I want feedback, or just because I want to invite you to see a part of my life.

And today, I experienced some light, some love and laughter. I floated on the sea for a good 5 minutes. And today, I want to share it with you.

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  • May 30, 2014 - 9:38 pm

    Jen - I here you! That is exactly how I felt when I did it last year 😉ReplyCancel

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